How to create a basic easy Free Twitch overlay

  Quick and easy Twitch overlay. For this overlay tutorial we will be using Adobe Photoshop. You can use other programs that offer the same, or close to the same options. If you are unable to get Adobe Photoshop or other software, you can out source the overlay creation from websites such as or Or you can email us here and we can create a basic overlay for you. Now lets get started in creating your own twitch overlay.

     Assuming you have Adobe Photoshop and you have it running.

  •  Open new file.
  •  Set the image size to 1920p x 1080p.
  •  Now you will need to import a screenshot of the game you will stream. For this tutorial we used a screenshot from minecraft (the easiest overlay to create). Now you will stretch the image to fit the work space. To do this click on the file tab and then click on import. Importing an actual screenshot of your game play will give you an idea of  what parts of the game screen you won’t want to cover up.
  •  Creating the top banner. Create a new layer,name it top banner. Then select the rectangle tool. Click on the top left corner of the work space  and drag the rectangle all the way to the right side of the work space. On the layers tab, right click on the top banner layer select the blend option, click  on stroke tool and change the stoke color to dark red or any color you choose and make the stoke about 13p. From here you can adjust the width of your top banner to your liking. Now click on the fill button, change the fill to between 60 and 80. This will give it some transparency.   
  •  Creating bottom banners. Right click on the top banner in the layers tab, and click duplicate layer. Now rename the new layer bottom right. Now you can adjust the size of the bottom right banner to fit the game play screen on the right side of the minecraft tool bar. Now go back to the layers tab and right click on the layer you just named bottom right, and duplicate this layer. Now name this layer bottom left. Now this new banner should be the same size as the one on the right. Now just adjust the placement to the left of the minecraft tool bar.
  •  Creating the Camera square. Now we will create the window for camera placement. In the layers tab click create new layer and name this camera square. Select the rectangle tool, and left click your mouse and hold shift or command and drag the mouse to create a perfect square. In the layers tab, right click on the camera square and select blend options, click on stroke. Now click on position tab for the stroke and set it to inside. Now you can pick the color use the same color as your banners. Also set the stroke size to 13p matching the banners you already created. Now we will remove the background within your camera square. With the camera square layer still selected, above the layers tab click on the fill button, and move the fill slider all way down change to 0%. This will make the camera square completely transparent. When streaming the only thing that will appear in the camera square is you and whatever else your camera picks up, but green screen options can eliminate anything behind you in front of the camera.
  •  Creating texts for your bottom banners. For the left bottom banner. In the layers tab select create new layer and name it latest subscribers Select the type tool and type ” Latest Subscribers”. Now you can change the font type to what ever fonts you like, and you can change the font color to what you like. You can even add affects for your text like a drop shadow so it stands off the screen. Back in the layers tab, click on the text layer and drag this layer up so the it is listed above the left bottom banner. Now to create the text for the bottom right banner. In the layers tab, right click on the latest subscribers text layer and duplicate it. Now you can double click within the text and use backspace button to clear the text and then type ” Latest Donations”. Also in the layers tab click and drag this new layer so that it is right above the bottom right banner. If you done this correctly, the text you just typed will already have the same font style and color as your text for you bottom left banner. If not just refer to the steps you done for the text for the bottom left banner.
  •  Now we will be adding the social icons and text to the top banner. For these icons just google search for the free to use social icon pack for Photoshop. You will also be importing these the same way we imported the background image of game play for minecraft. 
  •  Facebook icon placement. We will be placing the Facebook icon on the top banner, all the way to the left, it will be in its own box (as seen in the image above). In the layers tab, right click the facebook icon layer and select blending options. Select stroke change the color of the stroke to match the color of the facebook icon and change the stroke size to 10p. You will repeat this step for creating the placement of the twitter icon. You will place this icon to the right on the top banner.
  •  Placing your Logo. As you can see in the image above I have not added a logo. But I will run you through the step to place a logo in the middle of the top banner. Again this is just a quick and easy tutorial for a very basic overlay creation. You can modify and change as you go but this is just to get you started. First you will turn on the ruler setting, if it isn’t already on. Now click on the left side ruler line and drag it to the middle of your work space, if ruler snap is on the ruler line will snap into place if you drag it close to the middle. Otherwise you will need to turn snap on.
  •  Now if you have a logo then all you need to do is import the logo image. With snap on, the logo imaged imported will automatically snap to the center of your work space. Once the logo is in the middle of your work space, click place. Now in the layers tab click new layer and drag that layer so that it is below the logo layer. Then use the rectangle tool, create a square or a rectangle or you can create a circle depending on the shape of your logo. Right click that layer in the layers tab, blend options change the color to match the rest your banners and change the stroke size to about 10p. Now hold control and click on the logo and the  layer you just created and then right click and click on convert to smart object.
  • With this smart object still selected, just above the layers tab click on the opacity and take it down to about 87%. Now you will shrink the logo to a size that will fit in the center of your top banner. On your logo smart object click on the corner of the object and press shift and hold shift while clicking the corner of the logo drag you mouse towards the corner your holding this will make your logo shrink while keeping the shape ratio. Now drag your logo onto the top banner, it should snap to the center automatically otherwise place it in the middle.
  •  Saving your template for OBS. Now to make this template ready for OBS, you need to make it so that it is completely transparent. First you will need to get rid of the work space image. The image of the game play that is the background. In the layers tab, on the background, or game play image click on the eye icon, by clicking this icon it makes that image unseen. So now you should have just a white background. With the minecraft image not viewable double check your work making sure that you like your first attempt at a Twitch Overlay creation. If you are satisfied, then click on file then click save as for this tutorial we will      save it as minecraft_mytemplate.psd. Once saved as a .psd file click on the file tab again click on save as type in minecraft_mytemplate.png. Saving it as a png, will give the image a transparent background, otherwise if you save it as jpeg or other it will give it a white background, which will not work for a twitch overlay. Always save as a png. or it will not work.

  • This is just a quick and basic overlay for Twitch Streaming Overlays. There are other ways of creating overlays and overlay animations, but those will be other articles soon. If you have any questions email us and we will respond as we can. If you looking to have an Twitch Overlay created let us know, we don’t charge much. 

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